Rydal Communications

Rydal Communications are a family run business offering a complete, top down, bespoke solution to your telecoms needs. Today’s marketplace is flooded with products, tariff options and pitfalls. Our expertise breaks down the barriers to excellent low cost communications.

We have dedicated departments who specialize in different sectors in the Industry, from business land-line, business mobile, other land-line specific services. We also have extra additional services such as our mobile phone accessories partner site.
We pride ourselves on training our staff on new products before they hit market so they are up to speed in what can be a fast moving, intensive marketplace.

We have always been independent; never affiliating ourselves with one network or carrier. Several of the mobile networks have placed us as center of excellence partners and being independent this allows us to focus on you and your needs and deliver the best business telecom packages.

You will find you are able to contact your designated account manager 24 hours a day 7 days a week should the need arise and with our excellent support team you will always have someone on hand to fulfill your every need.

Dedicated Account Manager– One point of contact for your business. Not only will you receive personal advice from an experienced representative but you will have an ongoing relationship with your account manager. If you have any problems or questions we can be contacted FREE of charge. He or She will ensure everything is explained in a clear and jargon free way.

Dual service benefits – With our own land-line billing platform we offer superb discounts for companies using Rydal's dual service. Receive rock bottom rates when you take both of our services.

Proud to be independent – Because Rydal is an independent company for business mobiles and business landlines we are not restricted by any one network. Therefore, we can find the most competitive tariffs based on your specific requirements to give you the best possible savings and service.

Proven Telecom networks – You have peace of mind that your Communications and Data traffic will be routed over a network which gives you the very best clarity of voice, transfer of data and the priority that is demanded in business today.

No reconditioned handsets – We do not give any of our customers reconditioned handsets or accessories. All of our equipment is brand new and is delivered in a sealed box.

Handset buy back – Do you have old handsets that are no use to you? We offer a buy back scheme for any customer that upgrades or opens a new connection with Rydal. Free Health Check - We offer a free breakdown service for all your telecoms. This is a fully detailed audit report and will be returned within 7 days. If you contact one of the consultants today they will help arrange this for you!

Remember its free of charge!! so why not?

BlackBerry business phones and Hosted Solutions

BlackBerry business phones hosted Solutions as part of

BlackBerry business phone is an invaluable tool when traveling away from the office. This device remaining continuously connected to your existing email, it delivers new messages within seconds, keeping you in touch instantly wherever you are on the go.

With BlackBerry business phones your email finds you. No signing in, no hassle, no effort. BlackBerry is also the latest in high tech business mobile phones with multiple business software applications (like Sat Navigation, Outlook etc) making it the most favorite business tool.

So now all your communications inside and outside office can be managed with a single, small, integrated wireless device. It’s absolutely brilliant.

BlackBerry comes as a totally integrated package that includes hardware, software and even the hosting - thus providing you with a complete end-to-end email solution through either of the two following options:

Featured Partner Offers which you can choose from the vast list or the free Activation Plus a 10% Discount for the Life of Your Account. You can sign up today for AppRiver's Secure Exchange Hosting Service and receive free activation, plus a discount on your monthly Hosted BlackBerry services fees.

You can sync directly to your BlackBerry business phone, get the storage you’re looking for with a 2GB mailbox and avoid email hassles with advanced anti-spam/virus protection that is a must and for the Microsoft plan, that you can have free activation on every BlackBerry business phone in Your First 2 Months of Service.

You can also sign up for hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007 with Intermedia and your activation fees will be waived for every BlackBerry business phone you activate in your first 2 months of service.

BlackBerry Email capabilities

Now you don’t need to wait to get back to the office to read that all-important email. With BlackBerry your email finds you instantly anywhere anytime.

Blackberry provides the ability to check your email while on the go and lead to productivity levels sky rocketing in your company if you have implemented BlackBerry. You can experience the rewards of email on the go, with a new BlackBerry business phone you can keep on top of all your email while still out in the field managing your normal operations of business. So now rather than waiting to get back to the office, you can reply instantly without any hassle and definitively you have the most easy to use QWERTY keyboard under your fingertips.

Experience the benefits of BlackBerry Email.

The benefits of mobile email are numerous here is just a sample:

Use BlackBerry with many of the most popular internet-based email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail and Keep track of documents download attachments, view pics, etc, all on request.

Synchronise with your calendar and contacts when directly connected to your PC and take the data with you...

Receive and send messages automatically.

If you are wondering how will you get BlackBerry Email on the Go?

And you don’t know much about the gadgets and what they do That’s OK, because here we’re to clear up the jargon for you. We’re the experts so you don’t need to be.

The internet has made it increasingly easy for businesses to compare a wide range of business mobile phones at the touch of a button, so you won’t have to spend too much time trying to find the right business mobiles.

Business mobiles benefits your business in every way

Business mobile phones have become an integral part of daily life used by millions of people around the world. People now take for granted the ability to communicate by business phones at any time, from any place, and to any part of the world.

For small businesses mobile phones, if used to their full potential, are a priceless and resourceful tool offering significant business benefits most of them unknown to people. Nearly all business people today use their business mobiles to stay in touch with their offices, customers, staff, partners and suppliers. However, the potential of business mobiles extend much further than simply the ability to make and receive calls wherever they want and any time with ease.

Increasingly refined technology in both the hardware and the software is turning business mobile phones into communications devices that are taking over from the desktop PC as the most important piece of business equipment. Business phones at their most basic, offer text messaging, call diversion, calendars, diaries, address books.

More stylish business phones offer e-mail, internet access, personal organizers, cameras, video and access to a wide range of dial-up services. The mobile networks also offer business services such as group calling and group voice and text messaging.

Of course, all business requirements vary. For some, business mobiles are central to their working life and is essential to enable them to work as normal whilst away from the office, with access to internet, email and business schedules and documents. For others, it simply is a means of staying in touch with customers, staff and suppliers.

For nearly everyone, however, business mobiles are an essential communications tool that supports you in the efficient and profitable management of your business. Business mobiles can give you more flexibility and help create new business opportunities. So it’s important to select the phone, features, tariff and service options that most meet the requirements of the business.

Business mobiles selection

There are many business mobiles with diverse functionalities on the market these days which serve for the diverse and complicated needs of all types of businesses. The great range of business mobiles that are available enables businesses to grow their communications and coordination by choosing the perfect business mobiles for their needs. The right choice of business mobiles also means that businesses can find business mobiles that will fit in with their pockets, so they can enjoy the advantage of the most suitable business mobiles at the right price.

The range of business mobiles that are available these days will suit a diverse range of needs that have. Many businesses only want basic business mobiles for calls and messages, and there are plenty of very basic, cheap business mobiles out there to choose from the famous brands.

With the advent of mobile broadband some businesses may find that they benefit from 3G enabled business mobiles, as this would effectively allow employees to do far more whilst they are out and about. 3G enabled business mobiles offer the ultimate in convenience, freedom, and flexibility for businesses, allowing them to effectively take their office on the road with them.

The high specification business mobile phones such as smart phone will offer a far greater range of benefits and features, but will also be more expensive than the more basic business mobiles, if you only want business mobiles for basic communication needs and you are on a budget you will find an excellent range of highly affordable business mobiles that may suit your needs.

It is well worth finding and comparing different business mobiles before you make your decision, as this will help to ensure that you choose the right business mobiles according to your needs. You can see exactly what each of the business mobiles offers in terms of features and packages, and you can also compare the costs of the various business mobiles.

Business phones make business even better

One of the main advantages of using business mobile phones in business is the accessibility. Important calls will not go unanswered simply due to the fact that a business owner or employee is out for lunch. Using business mobile phones business owners and management staff can access employees with messages regardless of whether or not they are currently in the office.

By use of business mobile phones, businesses are at an advantage due to the fact that employees of a company can be contacted regardless of location or situation they work in. This is vital when communications of information which have a vast impact on the business need to be relayed as soon as possible and business mobile phones make it possible.

Business mobile phones offer access to the internet at all times, without worry of current location is invaluable to business owners and their employees. Of course, laptops can be utilized to achieve internet access on the go, but laptops are not always readily available so it makes sense for business mobile phones to be used. Through use of a mobile phone with internet access, the people who compose the business as a whole are never left unconnected. This proves extremely advantages when employees are not currently working, but need to receive important e-mails sent out by the business. Additionally, business mobile phones allow quick access to the internet for any fact checking, data analysis, or research that needs to be done on the fly.

Another important advantage of business mobile phones used in business is the level of organization and structure they can provide all members of a business. In one compact business mobile phone, business owners, managers, and representatives can hold all of their important contacts' information including names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical addresses. Business mobile phones also provide programs that allow users to organize and schedule their day in order to maintain productivity and meet goals and deadlines.

How to select a business mobile package

Increasingly businesses are using their business mobile phones and PDAs for a combination of voice, text, and international calls, email and data usage apart from the contemporary usage. The business mobile services providers are competing for their business and offer many different packages tailored to meet the individual needs of different types of organization and can enhance productivity, with a range of special offers, introductory deals and ever more sophisticated devices to draw you in.

Most business mobile packages include a number of inclusive minutes depending on what you pay. Business mobile packages usually allow you to split the inclusive minutes between all mobile users and carry minutes over into the next month. Business mobile packages can easily be changed if inclusive minutes are excessive or insufficient.

If very few calls are made, or you only use your business mobile to receive calls, it may be more cost-effective to opt for pre-payment, or “pay as you go”. Call charges are more expensive than contract phones and there are no inclusive minutes. This is not normally advertised as a business service.

Most business mobile packages which come with businesses mobiles have either a fixed rate all day, or a mixture of peak and off-peak rates. Most businesses make the majority of calls between 9am and 5pm. Therefore the best options are to select the business mobile package with the cheapest peak rates or a low fixed rate. If most calls are made outside conventional office hours, as in the case of shift workers, consider business mobile packages with the lowest off-peak rates or large bundles of off-peak minutes.